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your business is at the heart of our business.


Vizi is an innovative and dynamic company. We provide business solutions to efficiently take your company to the next level of success. Our expertise span over several industries, including: engineering, food and beverage, cosmetics, retail, etc.

We mainly focus on Manufacturing, Finance, Business Intelligence and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

We have a team of driven professionals who strive to empower and facilitate the growth of successful companies with world class solutions.

Our team members are never done learning and growing, ensuring that you are always dealing with experts.

We offer you custom and flexible solutions – ensuring your service is specifically designed to fit your business and goals. This also guarantees that we approach each project with a fresh mind and unique style. Our mission includes building strong customer relations, always striving for improvement and providing you with sustainable, top rated solutions.


We have a collaborative approach to solution implementation. This includes a number of steps that will be customised to your business, but follows a basic guideline:


We want to understand your business and the challenges you are facing. This is achieved by performing an in depth analysis of your business as a whole – from conversations with key staff  members to reviewing current processes and  systems. We go to all extent to ensure we cover all bases.


Then the brain-storming starts and we create an array of solution options to present to you. These options may include anything from leadership restructuring to business management software.



By taking hands with leadership, we then design a long-term strategy for business growth and success by delivering more efficient, simpler and flexible business management. This helps you to stand out among your peers and play well in the global market.


Vizi addresses specific challenges in mid-size companies to help you grow your operations, while still keeping the costs low and ensuring you can compete in global markets. Our services include analyses, support and redesign on many levels such as:

• Business analysis
• Systems Analysis
• Solutions Architecture
• Process engineering
• Business software solution consulting & support
• End-user support

• Business Intelligence
• Data engineering and management
• Business Rescue
• Change management
• Corporate Performance Management
• Conflict resolution

We pride ourselves on our personalised after-sales support to keep the solutions offered efficient and effective at all times. You will gain direct access to a senior consultant, dedicated to help you smooth the road to success.


We have a collaborative approach to solution implementation. This includes a number of steps that will be customised to your business, but follows a basic guideline:


The manufacturing industry faces a host of complexities around planning of materials and resources, monitoring of the production process and analysis of the results.

We have a proven track record of helping our customers resolve these problems using best of breed software and peripheral technologies to streamline and simplify their processes.


Organisations spend a lot of time and resources collecting data that remains underutilised. Vizi will unlock the power of this data from disparate sources and present it in a variety of formats…

from Excel based management reports to dashboards. We eliminate the time spent collecting data and formatting reports, leaving our customers with time to analyse results from all aspects of the business.


Managing an ever-increasing volume of information in less time and with fewer resources represents a big challenge for businesses, who need to speed up their time to market.

Our solutions orchestrate product launch activities from Marketing, R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality and Regulatory requirements, within one simplified, coherent environment.

Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM) syndicates product development content and streamlines business processes throughout the lifecycles, from idea generation to end of life.


Managing the largest portion of a company’s balance sheet, Asset Management is often neglected, resulting in manual work and qualified financial statements.

Our solutions will help with simplified fixed asset tracking with comprehensive depreciation calculations.

Tracking is conducted through physical inventories of your fixed assets with an easy graphical step-by-step process and state-of-the-art mobile devices

Take control of fixed assets before they even become fixed assets with flexible management of capital budgeting and construction-in progress projects.


Supply chains can be complex. Companies today need greater insight and live data enabling them to respond quickly and accurately to any situation.

Our solutions will help to streamline the sales, procurement, and inventory management aspects of any business, regardless off the complexities around currency management, import and export requirements and distributed geographical locations.


No business can be managed efficiently without insight into its financial position and performance. Through our tools and with our expertise our customers are able to achieve this. 

Our systems provide dimensional analysis, streamlined budgeting, getting a holistic view of their business and a host of other insights.

In our rapidly evolving global community, it has become a necessity to transact in multiple currencies across multiple companies and with different legislative requirements.

The value of a properly designed and implemented ERP encompassing financials, cash management, business partner management and integration to other sub-ledgers cannot be underestimated.

Streamline your business




Founded Vizi Solutions in 2000 with the vision to empower people in order to build great companies by providing them with business management solutions that simplifies the road to success. She has ever since implemented solutions in a number of diverse organisations with whom Vizi still fosters relationships.


This is why we do what we do:

Vizi has helped us to set up our BI reports and the necessary dashboards so that we can access information on a daily basis. Vizi will listen and work around your business requirements. They will help to make information easier to access. They will deliver as promised. Vizi is highly knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend them as a consultant.
Daya Moodley
Financial Manageress
Vizi has been an integral part of our success as a business over the years. Their knowledge, professionalism and efficiency is uncomparable. They are always forward thinking and are always on top of their game. Our company will without a doubt recommend them.
Vizi have been our consultants since August 2016. The team deliver effective and efficient projects and are solution orientated. The migration to a new system (Sage X3) was a seamless process; and open communication with us has been really valuable.
Yusuf Bodiat
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Vizi is our preferred Business Partner providing support to Sage X3 ERP. Vizi has really helped our company throughout the years, not only in South Africa but in the whole of Africa as well. All their work is conducted with a spirit of excellency... They will not disapoint!!!
I have been dealing with Vizi since 2001 and hold them in high regard because they posses the following characteristics: Innovative, understanding, tenacious, committed and they are constantly looking for ways to improve your business. I can recommend Vizi with confidence to any prospective client.


Clients that have trusted us with their systems:


At Vizi, we believe that after-sales support needs to be as important, efficient and
effective as the business management solutions we offer you.


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