Corporate culture can be explained as natural forces, such as air and wind, always there but in the background and away from realisation. Corporate culture is the collection of self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking and believing that determine how a company functions on a daily basis.

When your company’s culture is at its best, it has the ability to energise your employees and
make them feel good about their role in the company, on it’s way to sustaining or achieving
success. It is an emotional energiser that keeps your employees motivated to do their part in
the company and to ensure that their part is done in order to achieve or sustain success.

However, when the corporate culture of your company is bad, it can drag down productivity
and undermine the long term success of your company as employees feel unwanted,
uncelebrated and worse than that feel that they have no need or importance in the company.
We spent some time on this idea and came up with a number of facets that are crucial to our
company’s culture, and decided to share them with you in a 9-part blog series to inform you
along with share guidelines on what we value as important.

These include; communication, analysing the backbone to the success of your company,
hiring brilliant, general culture, teamwork, embracing the geek, misplaced structure, building
through inspiration and treating your employees like they make a difference.
In the next couple of months we will share blog entries on each of these topics, discussing
them in further detail and embracing what we feel is crucial to the success of our company.

So join us on the 13th of May, where we will discuss why communication is key. We hope
that this series will inspire you towards positive changes in your company and will be
fundamental to your success.


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