Over the last year our landscape has changed dramatically. Before March 2020 we had a tough time convincing customers that the cloud was the way to go if you wanted to move your business to the next level. There was a lot of resistance against working remotely and site visits were the norm.

Then the virus hit. Since then, we have been inundated with requests to go to the cloud and we must beg for facetime with users. The whole approach to work has shifted to a distributed model.

At Vizi we have always had a distributed office, so the new normal is still pretty much the old normal. What is different, is the underlying pressure of navigating the new landscape. Our economy is sliding, there are so many new rules; sanitizing, masks, curfews, a lack of human connection. All these factors have increased our anxiety levels. Add to that POPI, PAIA and our lives are a lot more complex than they were in March 2020.

As the leader of Vizi, I believe that we require a single vision to successfully navigate these trying times and to keep moving forward.

Our mission statement and the driving force behind what we do, is to create strong customer relations, to develop and nurture our expertise, to offer innovative and best-of-breed technology, to ensure VIZI’s solutions are sustainable and always to approach a project in a fresh and unique way.

When we are planning our moves, making decisions and tackling our to-do lists, our Vizion is to keep reminding ourselves of this and putting humanity and passion into business management solutions. If we can relieve your stress and help you to move forward, we have succeeded in this mission.


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