“Software is eating the world” - This is a quote by engineer/investor Marc Andreessen from nearly a decade ago where he claimed in a wall street journal article, that software-based companies would take over massive parts of the global economy. This was a near prophetic claim as very near to his predicted schedule, the world is becoming more and more software-based and dependant.

With this in mind, what are the key features of a successful software solution and company? There are Four Factors in my view, these are Relevance, Price, Ease of Use, and Customer Relations. When there is a need for a software solution at any given Company, these are the factors that pull certain providers over the line so to say, and cause others to try another day.

Relevance: –

This means that the solution is actually addressing a problem that a Customer is facing. Whether it be the industry that the solution is trying to address or the scope of the company where the implementation is to be done. If you cannot match the needs of a customer there would be no requirement for your solution.

Price: –

If you are asking more than a company has made in its lifetime you are bound to go home empty-handed. These first two points might seem self-explanatory but that does not diminish their importance. Additionally, in today’s ever-increasing market with comparable pricing, you need a solution with an edge.

Ease of use: –

When considering a solution of any magnitude, especially when it will affect your whole business, the solution that is easiest to implement and use would be on top of the list of potential solutions. This is where the ability of applications like Sage 300 ERP, makes being able to have a working version installed in a day, essential. If your financial team had to come to a standstill for a week, the damage could become more than the effort is worth. Vizi has refined the process of implementing ERP software through years of experience. This is the age of plug and play software, when you need a software solution, you ask google.This is not because there aren’t other sources of information, it is simply the easiest to use and access. This is the goal of Vizi, to give you that level of ease when it comes to managing your financial information and more.

Customer Relations: –

At the end of the day the purpose of these types of software solutions is to ease the load on the individuals working within a Company. This is not possible if you cannot rely on the people providing these solutions, to actually make the tool easy to use and suited for your individual needs.

In closing, the process of incorporating software like Sage 300 into a business could be an eye-opening event, where the customer learns just as much about their business as we do. Implementing a software solution doesn’t only give you new insight into your business, but also lets you stay on top of that knowledge with the ability to see an overview of your entire business with only an internet connection.


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