Cooperation between different members of a team and the ability to act as a cohesive unit is an integral value of any successful business, and Vizi is no exception to this rule.

The capacity to cooperate with others in order to reach a common goal has always been one of the most important weapons in humanity’s arsenal in the fight for survival. From the humble beginnings of hunter-gatherer tribes working together to survive the harsh winters of the dawn of humanity, to the scores of engineers, architects and builders collaborating to construct the sprawling metropolises that define modern civilization, teamwork has been a foundational stepping-stone on man’s collective journey to the top of the food chain. 

Teamwork has many benefits. By sharing the workload, a group of people can achieve far more ambitious goals than any individual person, and naturally this concept translates directly into the world of business. Working as a team lessens the workload on the individual, thereby reducing stress and inducing a positive effect on the mentality of all members of the team, which ultimately leads to a more healthy and productive work environment and more consistently satisfied customers – naturally being our most important goal at Vizi. 

Having many people work together on a single project not only lessens the workload on the individual, but it utilizes the collective intelligence of the group, leading to better solutions and more creative ideas, which is exactly what we are all about here at Vizi. Combining the different perspectives of individuals, along with each member’s unique strengths and experiences leads to a tangible improvement of creativity and results in the work environment. At Vizi, our modern approach to problem solving and dynamic team formation is integral to our business model, with its effects being very evident in our results.  

Very importantly, effective teamwork in the work environment also fosters a sense of unity and belonging in the individual, leading to an increase in motivation and positive working relationships between coworkers. Humans are, for the most part, extremely social beings and working with others taps into our natural desire for accomplishment and belonging. By working together to accomplish goals, we bond with our teammates, leading to a collective increase in satisfaction and naturally, improved motivation and happiness in the workspace. 

Lastly, working together encourages and nurtures an environment of learning and self-improvement. In a team structure, coworkers are able to ask each other for help or advice on specific problems. Training and instructions from more experienced team members are also a very effective way of improving the skills of newer coworkers, as it can almost go without saying that being taught a new skill is much less frustrating and time consuming than trying to figure it out on one’s own. By working together and sharing a workspace, members of the team also have the opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes, ultimately leading to fewer errors being made and more accurate and reliable results, an invaluable trait of any successful company and certainly one that Vizi takes pride in. 

It would seem that the age-old saying of “two heads are better than one” still rings true in our modern, constantly changing and often confusing world. The support and assistance of your coworkers is as important today as it was to our ancient ancestors, and the knowledge that you are not alone can be a bright torch or a sharp spear in the scary urban jungle of modern society.  


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