Our VIZI Olympians showed off their aiming skills in Rubber Band Archery, sliding Oreos from their forehead and many more fun activities in our yearly VIZI OLYMPICS GAMES 2022.

Surely by now we all realise the importance of team building in the workplace. When we work together towards a common goal, it creates a united team.

When last did you take the time to step outside your comfort zone and feel a bit silly? Not only is it healthy to break the cycle, but spending time with the people around you, outside your daily responsibilities, has its benefits.

These benefits include socializing, networking (getting to know each other a bit better), communication, and most importantly enhancing company culture.

Fun activities are another way of building a solid team, as it helps us see each other and connect in a different light. This often involves praising and embracing one another.

This was definitely in abundance at our Office Olympics, held at the VIZI Offices, this year. A sense of fun and celebration embraced our Viziators and it definitely motivated our employees to have a more positive mindset.

We all enjoyed high levels of enthusiasm and a good, clean, competitive spirit.

Olympics logo

In light of the above, VIZI showed their united strength in these different Olympic events.

Some of the events included:

  • Rubber Band Archery in “Rapid Fire”
  • Face da Cookie
  • Speed Eraser
  • Balloon Race
  • Olympic Charades and many more…

The games were specifically selected for everyone’s enjoyment and capability, so they would feel comfortable in participating and thus offering an opportunity for everyone to be victorious.

olympics pics copy

We spent the afternoon cheering each other on and while some got a bit competitive, other were laughing so much, stomachs were hurting.

At the end of the day, the winners were crowned, and the VIZI Olympian with the highest score, was the-one-and-only Johan Janse van Rensburg – Walking away with the VIZI-Cup.

We highly recommend that all companies strive to be involved with their employees and make time for collaboration outside the normal office responsibilities and daily duties. You will definitely see a stronger team and more energy between your staff. This in turn will create a more positive relationship with your clients.


At the end of the day it’s a WIN-WIN!

Share some of your fun days and let’s see what you came up with.


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