What motivates employees in an organization to give their best? To work together and build an environment where the focus is on the employee just as much as it is on the client. If the energy in a company shifts towards employee satisfaction and focus more on corporate culture, the result is one of excellence.

In this second part of our Corporate Culture Matters Series, we look into the backbone of a successful company and how VIZI incorporates its values so that a positive environment is created where internal and external entities benefit. When the focus improves the overall experience, great innovation comes forth that leads a company into a new frontier of endless possibilities.

We are all familiar with the quote from Richard Branson … if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customer.  In a global study done by, company culture rates on top for all of the participants, irrelevant of gender and industry.  Other studies show that people will turn down a job with a higher offer if they will not be able to get along with co-workers.

At VIZI we have put measures in place to make sure we keep our Viziators always looking towards positive growth, have them work together in collaborative exercises and always make sure their voices are heard.

To build and grow a successful culture, you have to pay attention to what makes your employee’s tick, what keeps them motivated and what drives them to be better. Not only in what they do, but in who they essentially are.

One thing is for certain that corporate culture is extremely important and should be incorporated in all companies – your people are your backbone.

If an employee feels worthy and enjoy their work, they want to grow in a professional and personal level.  It all boils down to integrity and mutual respect, an understanding of differences and building a core value that everyone will embrace.

Once this culture is in place, the outcome is an overall increase of performance and success the only alternative.

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