As another successful year comes to an end, the team at Vizi likes to give back to those who are in need during this festive season. This year we decided to focus on a community who cannot speak for themselves – the animals at Wollies Animal Shelter in Pretoria North.

Wollies Animal Shelter is one of the largest of its kind in the country with hundreds of animals in its care, ranging from cats to dogs to bunnies and even the occasional donkey. The shelter which is currently registered as a non-profit, pro-life organisation was established in 2003 with the goal of sterilising as many animals as possible. According to the live tracker that one can follow on the Wollies website, the current number of animals sterilised in 2021 is 1 159 at the time of writing. Over time the organisation also evolved into a care center for abandoned and neglected animals with a strong emphasis on educating others about the benefits of proper care and sterilisation of pets.

Despite the massive size of Wollies in terms of the sheer number of animals under its care, the organisation sadly receives no government funding, which is why donations and volunteers are desperately needed. Wollies accepts any type of donation, specifically animal food, cleaning products and financial assistance to cover medical costs for the animals like chip implants and medicine. The caretakers at the facility reckon that the animals eat upwards of seven municipal bins of food per day. This amount of food is unfortunately not always available, and any small donation thus goes a long way.

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The December holiday season and month of January are often animal shelters’ busiest times, due to the influx of animals given as unwanted pets during this period. Some of the ways in which one can assist Wollies during this festive season are by:

  • Making a once-off or monthly financial contribution towards the shelter.
  • Donating food, cleaning products or animal toys.
  • Volunteering your time for daily dog walking or assisting around the shelter.
  • Covering kennel expenses.
  • Booking a team building exercise and choosing a project to assist with at Wollies.
  • Educating yourself and others about the benefits of proper pet care and sterilisation.

Visiting the center was an eye-opening experience and it enriched the lives of our Vizi team. Give yourself a holiday gift by visiting Wollies and helping our furry friends. You will never regret it.


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