At VIZI we strive to achieve constant success and to acquire talented people is only half the challenge. The other half is to retain our Viziators thereby building a great long-term team.

Investing in our people; we make sure they stay up to date with current technology, by offer training and growth and these achievements need to be nourished. VIZI has a diverse team with multiple talents and different personalities. It is so important to realise that people are not the same and gets motivated by different factors, but the key word here is motivation. If the people in your organisation stays motivated and you keep them positive, it is good a recipe for retention.

We constantly try and motivate our Viziators by the following actions:

  • Communication

It is important that everyone understands their role in the organisation. By having weekly updates with the entire team, we ensure that everyone knows where they fit and how their role within the company is fulfilling the overall vizion.  Don’t forget the shout-outs! and well-dones! No matter how big or small.

  • Transparency

In order to build trust and get your people to engage, you should share the news and what business is in the pipeline. When our people feel that they know what is going on, a unity forms and they are free to ask questions. An open-door policy is of utmost importance and it improves overall motivation.

  • Acknowledgement

Acknowledge achievement. Viziators have an awesome attitude. With positive vibes we create a positive environment and we engage our fellow V’s with respect. While constructive criticism is necessary to grow and learn, we raise the bar by recognizing the accomplishments which in turn has a bigger influence on performance. We can all do with some extra upliftment in our encounters with one another.

  • 20% Rule

Overworked and stressed employees lead to increased errors and decreased productivity, which in turn leads to costing the company time and money. By following the 20% rule, all Viziators can apply themselves at 80%, which leaves a 20% for unforeseen incidents but still complete their 100% target.

  • Lead the way

The best way to instil long lasting motivation and retention within the company is to lead by example. Our warriors set an example of endurance and tackle all challenges head on with enthusiasm and determination. The example is one of good work ethic, great customer satisfaction and overall, well-balanced corporate culture.

Partnering with VIZI you not only get the best expertise, but a company who understands the value of its Viziators, knowing what makes them tick, and thereby have the insight to deliver a well-rounded service to all.


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