“What are the core values that we strive to embody and encourage?” was exactly what Vizi tried to answer with our recent brand change. We want our image to be that of empowerment. The combined effect of others’ perceptions when looking at Vizi’s brand should be growth, efficiency and moving forward.
Eyes on the future

The world has seen exceptional growth in the past decade in nearly all aspects of the human experience. Vizi strives to always be on the forefront of that growth. We want to be there to help empower the companies we work with through the next industrial revolution and encourage further goals and growth.

Vizi has a set of attributes that makes us distinctive: grit, knowledge experience, unconventionality and Arete (a Greek term for excellence). When these qualities are combined, we want our colleagues and clients to think of our brand image and be proud.

Grit refers to our persistence in the face of any obstacle we face with our stakeholders, especially those faced in a fast-changing environment.

Knowledge experience is the value our talented team brings to the table, regardless of the situation in front of them – since we aim to learn from all experiences, whether good or bad.

Unconventionality refers to Vizi’s ability to not only think outside the box, but throw the box away all together. Our team endeavors to find innovative solutions for any challenge they face.

Arete is the degree of excellence to which we do our work; giving all that we can to those who we work for and with.

In the process of rebranding, Vizi has changed its logo to represent both our origin, as well as the destination we have in sight.


BEACON | TORCH: This represents being in sync (aligned) with our clients, and enabling a progressive path through our passion and fire.

THORN | GIANT: This represents our ability to be a helping hand and guide to our customers by empowering them to grow.

HIGHER POWER: By using our vast amount of experience, we are able to communicate our insights to the customer.

GOOD HARVEST: We believe that through the efforts we put into any engagement, great results and a good harvest can be achieved.

Eyes on the future

Vizi’s change in branding was to embrace the change and the evolving world we live in; showing our adaptability to the rate of innovation we face.

Vizi aims to be fierce in our actions and sure in our knowledge. Through quality product and services, Vizi’s brand image can remind our customers of excellence and the level of empowerment they can receive when taking our hands. We want our customers to succeed, prosper and grow with the help of reputable business management solutions.


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