What is Robotic Process Automation? Leslie Willcocks, professor of technology, work, and globalization at the London School of Economics’ Department of Management defines it as follows – “RPA takes the robot out of the human.”

The average employee spends most of his time on manual accounting processes which can be easily done by software that simulates daily human activities and replaces it with automated functions. This frees up the employee’s time to spend it on more creative processes.

The benefits of RPA accounting are that it simplifies workflows, increases accuracy, and runs nonstop around-the-clock. It’s also not limited to only one part of finance or accounting but can be applied over multiple areas. By streamlining and putting RPA in place, it converts unproductive processes into an error-free and efficient process with real-time updates. This gives the business owner clear and correct numbers at any given time.

It is impossible to try and manage all the information and data running through large corporations. This is where RPA makes it possible for humans to be more imaginative, and less robot.

This does not mean that robots will be replacing humans any time soon. It is merely a helping hand in a complex environment, freeing up our time to focus on other tasks – like interaction with customers. At Vizi one of our main focusses is building strong relationships with our clients. Automated systems can never replace emotional intelligence or logic.

At the end of the day, the world is running at a tremendous speed, and it is of the utmost importance to keep up, deliver, and maintain a healthy and strong business system. Helping your customers function at their full capacity by designing and automating systems, reports, and tasks, is what Vizi generates on a daily basis.

Your business is at the heart of our business.


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