Get to know one of the valued members of our Vizi Team, Tanya Du Randt, and learn what makes her tick in this short form questionnaire.

These are a few Questions we asked Tanya to get to know her and her role within Vizi.

1. Why are you working at Vizi Solutions ?

I work at Vizi because it challenges me to learn new skills with each project we take on.  The reward at the end of a project is knowing that you have made someone’s work-life a lot easier.

2. How long have you been working at Vizi Solutions ?

Tanya has been with the Team Since April of 2016

3. What does a normal day look like in Tanya’s world ?

Most of my day is spent on assisting Solver clients with reports, import templates/data and with new requests.

4.  What certifications/qualifications do you hold ?

  • NQF 5 IT Systems Development
  • NQF 6 IT Database Development
  • Sage X3 Technical and Financial Consultant

5.  What is your favourite part of working for Vizi ?

To be part of a team that has so much knowledge to share and doesn’t hesitate to guide me.


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