Sage X3 is a cutting edge ERP system, modular in design, providing best in class functionality for all your business requirements and a must have for any business that is serious about having a fully integrated, scalable, end to end Accounting and Management Software system, that Vizi Solutions can tailor to meet your very specific needs and Industry

Sage X3 is an affordable, all-encompassing ERP system with a vast array of functionality that is ready to take on any business challenge.  Sage X3 is scalable on many levels, according to business size, business practices and business processes, offering you increased efficiency and effectiveness, with a single data entry point, accessed via your web browser.  Sage X3 has options available for both hosted service and local installation. Sage X3 is fully accessible on premise and off as well as via mobile device adding to the appeal of having your business on the move with you.  An excellent tool that will keep things on track and inline, is the built in Workflow and Approvals in Sage X3, that can be setup for almost any task or process done within the ERP system.

At Vizi Solutions, we are able to greatly tailor the solution to your requirements, with over 11 years of in-depth insights and active implementation of Sage X3 for a range of different industries, including Manufacturing companies with some very niche industries and specific requirements, Distribution Companies, Insurance Companies, including both Local and International clients. Our Consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge, expertise, and specialized skills, that matched with the capabilities of Sage X3, will ensure a successful and unrivaled investment into this must have solution.

In addition to its Core Modules, with the modular design of Sage X3, it is capable of supporting a host of third-party modules to address specific Industry requirements. Some of the core modules and functionality of Sage X3 include:

– Inventory management

  • Easily manage all your inventory requirements with Sage X3, with capabilities ranging from multiple Sites, Warehouses and Locations to Lot Management, Serial Management, and barcodes for quick and effortless stock transactions in the Sage X3 ERP system.


  • Procurement is a breeze and managed by either Request for Quotes or a very simple Purchase order process using Sage X3.  With supplier referencing, lead times, order quantity limits, and the ability to have different purchase units to your stocking unit, the process couldn’t be any easier.  There is also the option to create Purchase orders from your Enterprise Planning as well as approve them via the workflow function Sage X3 offers.


  • With a full Sales module from quote right through to invoice, Sage X3 can manage a multitude of industry types and sales, whether product, service, or contract sales.  Sage X3 mobile capabilities adds to the ability to provide Customers with quotes while on site.


  • Having an exceptionally strong Manufacturing module is a must for any Production company and managing Bill of Materials, multiple WorkCentre’s and multiple Operations is an easy task for Sage X3.  With the added functionality of Enterprise planning and long with Material resource planning and the correct implementation of capacities and lead times, Production orders can easily be generated and tracked throughout the process.


  • Fully integrated throughout all the modules, Sage X3 provides increased efficiency and effectiveness and with so many automated processes, significantly reduces the chance for human error.  Sage X3 is a multi-currency, multi-ledger, and multi-dimensional system that we are able to adapt to any specific requirements you might have.

-Reporting and Business Analytics

  • Having a single data entry point and seamless integration between all modules of Sage X3, you are able to get end to end visibility of what is going on in your business at any point in time.  Data can be extracted by means of reports, or by means of queries to export data in excel based formats.  The possibilities are endless for what we are able to provide from the data at your disposal.

If you are in the market for a new ERP system, Sage X3 should be on your list.  It is feature packed and reasonably priced. Contact Vizi Solutions to provide you with a demo and initiate the process of letting us help you simplify tasks, streamline business activities, and increase overall efficiencies.  Your return on this investment will be worth every Rand spent.


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